Data Specifications Manual


The WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual is a compilation of several sets of electronic and hard copy specifications developed under the direction of the managers of various DCOs.  The objective of these specifications is to provide standardized formats for exchanging information electronically to all DCOs and their members.  Standardization eliminates the need for insurers to develop a separate system for each DCO. 

WCIO SearchPoint is an interactive application that features content from the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals, Data Dictionary and Codes Lists all in one central location.  To view the Data Specifications Manual via the new application, select WCIO SearchPoint from the Quick Launch located on the left.

NOTE: To open files in a new window, right-click on the link and select "Open in New Window".

Electronic Transmittal Record Specifications (ETR)

Workers Compensation Policy Reporting Specifications (WCPOLS)

Workers Compensation Statistical Reporting Specifications (WCSTAT)

Workers Compensation Control Listings Electronic Specifications (WCCNTL)

Workers Compensation Call for Detailed Claim Information (WCCDCI)   

Workers Compensation Experience Modification, Classification Code Electronic Specifications (WCMODS)

Workers Compensation Classes and Rates (WCRATE)

Workers Compensation Experience Modification/Merit Adjustment Electronic Rating Specifications (WCRATING)

Workers Compensation Notice Of Assignment Reporting Specifications (WCNOA)

Workers Compensation Criticism Information (WCCRIT)

Workers Compensation Notification Reporting Specifications (WCNOTIFY)

Workers Compensation Medical Data (WCMED)    WCMED Note

Workers Compensation Indemnity Data Call (WCIND)