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DATE: 04/01/10


The WCIO and IAIABC, in cooperation with The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD), are pleased to announce the availability of the ACORD Workers’ Compensation XML (Extensible Markup Language) standard for electronic data reporting.



The WCIO and IAIABC worked with ACORD to develop a workers’ compensation XML standard which corresponds to the flat file reporting standards.  The partnership with ACORD ensured that the ACORD Workers’ Compensation XML Standard was developed with the principles set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


The XML standard is organized by WCIO flat file product for WCPOLS, WCSTAT, WCNOA, WCRATING, WCCNTL, and by IAIABC flat file product for FROI/SROI.


The flat file reporting standards will continue to be maintained and utilized by the WCIO members for data reporting. The new ACORD Workers’ Compensation XML standard is an alternative standard that is now available for use by the Workers’ Compensation Industry.


ACORD Workers’ Compensation XML Standard

The XML standard provides many process improvements and creates new opportunities that are more flexible than the flat file reporting standards.  The XML standard is an efficient universal method of processing and transferring data within and between application systems.


The XML standard will be maintained by the WCIO EDI and the IAIABC EDI committees, which manage their respective flat file reporting standards for workers' compensation data reporting.  Maintenance of the XML standard will be a joint effort by the WCIO, IAIABC and ACORD. 


Moving Forward with XML

During the coming months, the WCIO members have several pilot projects that will utilize some of the new XML standards.  The WCIO EDI/XML committee can assist organizations who are planning to use the new alternative standard. Please contact Bonnie Piacentino ( with any questions on the ACORD Worker’s Compensation XML Standard.