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DATE: 11/13/09


The Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) is pleased to announce the redesigned WCIO Web site which now includes improved features and new products including a WCIO Data Dictionary. 


What is the WCIO?

The WCIO is a voluntary association of statutorily authorized or licensed rating, advisory, or data service organizations that collect workers compensation insurance information in one or more states.  The purpose of the WCIO is to provide a forum for the exchange of information about workers compensation insurance. 


The WCIO develops and publishes the Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual which is a compilation of several sets of specifications that provide standardized formats for electronic exchange of information between Data Collection Organizations (DCOs) and their members.


WCIO Web Site Changes

Using innovative technologies, the WCIO is able to provide easier navigation, better access to our products, and updated information about the WCIO.  We encourage you to visit the site at to see what is new.  Several of the changes came as a result of feedback from our users.  For example, we have modified the flow of information by including individual pages for the products, and added links to each of the pages which are available on the left side of each page.  This will reduce the amount of scrolling and allow users to see everything that is available.


WCIO Web Site Products

The WCIO Web site includes a variety of products and research tools that can assist Workers’ Compensation professionals with their daily activities.  The following highlights just some of them.


·         WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual

The WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual encompasses several sets of electronic data specifications.


·         WCIO Data Specification Code Sheets

The code sheets are a quick-reference list of the approved codes for each data element in the specifications.


·         Injury Description Table - Part/Nature/Cause

Various workers compensation entities include the Part/Nature/Cause codes as part of their reporting standard.  The Part/Nature/Cause codes are used to identify the part of body, nature of injury, and cause of loss when reporting workers’ compensation injuries.  The listing has been developed by the WCIO to serve as the official reference for the industry. 


·         Policy and Statistical Edit Error Tables

The Error Tables are used for DCO reporting of statistical and policy errors through the electronic data specification WCCRIT.


·         Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Applicable Code Chart by State

The employee leasing policy type code is a one-digit code on WCPOLS which identifies the type of employee leasing policy being reported.  The chart has been developed by the WCIO to serve as a reference for the industry to indicate the applicable codes by state.


·         State Code List

Several of the reporting specifications require that a state code be reported.  The list provides the numeric codes and alphabetic abbreviations for the States and Canadian Provinces. 


·         Data Dictionary (New!)

The Data Dictionary is the most significant of the newest WCIO products.  The WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual served as the basis for the creation of the WCIO Data Dictionary.  All data elements that are found in the Data Specifications Manual can be found in the WCIO Data Dictionary. 


Data Dictionary Format

The data dictionary is currently available in a PDF format and can be downloaded by the user.    Each data element will be displayed as follows:


Data Element Name:

The name given to the data element contained in the flat file specification.

Data Element Number:

The unique number assigned to the data element name contained in the flat file specification.


A brief description that explains the meaning of the data element.  The definition will apply to all WCIO products although exact use of the data element will be governed by the individual products and record types.


The list of all the individual products (within the WCIO Data Specifications Manual framework) that use the data element in the flat file specification.


The format describes the data type and how the data will be interpreted in the file.


Important Note on Data Element Names

While compiling the dictionary it was discovered that many of the specifications used the same data elements, but some of the names or titles were inconsistent.  To improve consistency in data element conventions and presentation, a standard name was chosen and, as a result, the names of some data elements have changed in the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual.  These changes represent title and presentation changes only and no changes have been made to the reporting requirement.  All changes are reflected in the Summary of Change document that is published with the update to the manual.


In addition to the products mentioned above, there are also a variety of WCIO data reporting matrices that will assist data providers with their data reporting responsibilities.


Action Needed

Please take some time to get familiar with the updated Web site and the new Data Dictionary and take advantage of all the WCIO products available to you. 



The WCIO wants to extend sincere thanks to the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) representatives for their valuable assistance with the development of the Data Dictionary.


If you have any questions regarding the WCIO products available on our Web site, please contact:

Bonnie Piacentino at