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DATE: 07/23/12


The Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) is pleased to announce the release of our new interactive WCIO SearchPoint application that features content from the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals, Data Dictionary and Code Lists all in one central location.  WCIO SearchPoint offers users a new and more efficient method to use the various WCIO products.



The WCIO is a voluntary association of statutorily authorized or licensed rating, advisory, or data service organizations that collect workers compensation insurance information in one or more states.  The purpose of the WCIO is to provide a forum for the exchange of information about workers compensation insurance. 


The WCIO develops and provides the Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual which is a compilation of several sets of specifications.  The specifications provide standardized formats for electronic exchange of information between Data Collection Organizations (DCOs) and their members.


WCIO SearchPoint

WCIO SearchPoint supplements the current PDF formats of WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals and Data Dictionary which serve as the basis for this interactive application.  WCIO SearchPoint provides users the opportunity to search, view and print information from one “point”.  This eliminates the need to toggle among products and screens.  For example, if you search on a data element, the application will return the definition, format, data type, position, size, reporting requirement, data population rules, notes, applicability and valid codes for that specific data element across all data products.


WCIO SearchPoint is based on the latest approved WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals.  However, users will notice the manuals have undergone significant wording changes to improve consistency in presentation, formatting and sequencing.  These presentation changes are considered immaterial to the overall reporting requirements and/or instructions.   Note that this initial release does not include a “Summary of Changes” report as no changes have been made to the specifications since the May 29, 2012 version.


Note that the bi-annual updates to the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals will continue to be released in the Spring and Fall as done in prior years.


Also, the WCIO will continue to provide all the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manuals in the same PDF format available today.  WCIO SearchPoint is simply another option to using the static PDF formats that will remain on the sidebar of the WCIO website.


A User Guide is available at the WCIO website.  The guide will assist users with navigating through the application.  In addition, industry training sessions will be conducted by request. 


Action Needed

To use the WCIO SearchPoint please visit and click on the WCIO SearchPoint link.  WCIO SearchPoint uses Microsoft Silverlight.  If you do not have Microsoft Silverlight on your computer the application will prompt you to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your browser.  If you already have Microsoft Silverlight, you can get started immediately.


If you take the time to get familiar with the WCIO SearchPoint application, you will discover additional uses for this very efficient and valuable new tool. 


If you have any questions regarding the WCIO products available on our website, please send an email to